Ariel Winter's Got Some Fresh Ink

If you’ve seen photos of this actress recently, you may have started getting used to the idea of seeing her all tatted up. But, she’s ditched the red hair and temporary tattoos that were part of her latest role in Dog Years. So, you may be wondering, is Ariel Winter’s tiger tattoo is real? If I had to guess, I’d say this time around the ink’s more permanent.

Winter debuted a tiger tat on Instagram. The tiger’s head is placed at the top part of her back just below her neck, and considering the actress does already have a tattoo or two, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is her latest body art addition. She thanks tattoo artist Doctor Woo for the fresh ink.

Going with a tiger is a bold move, but for someone as fierce as Winter, I’d have to say that this makes a whole lot of sense. She’s not afraid to own her body, stand up to the haters online or just be herself. And that sounds like one heck of a strong woman to me. So, what better to embody that than a portrait of feline fierceness itself, you know? Check out Winter’s latest body art because permanent or no, it’s some gorgeous work.

Well, hello, furry friend.

After seeing this scorpion on her side, I've gotta say, ferocious animals suit her.

Maybe this edgy character rubbed off on her.

Winter's definitely not afraid of the needle.

If this tattoo is anything like the last one she shared on Instagram, I'd bet it's got a very special meaning behind it. Because a symbol that powerful has got to stand for something.