Leah Remini's New Reality Show On TLC Needs to Dive Into All That Scientology Craziness

If you ever wondered about the home life of one of King of Queens most beloved characters (besides Jerry Stiller obviously), well, wonder no longer. The ex-Scientologist and native New Yorker Leah Remini has been given a reality series on TLC, set to run this summer. According to TLC executive Nancy Daniels, Remini's no nonsense vibe and "unfiltered family" fit well into the network's ethos... although I'd argue that the more recent buzz over Remini's exit from the Church of Scientology will factor in somehow. I mean, a Scientology escapee? Sounds like ratings gold.

The show is meant to revolve around how despite moving across the country from New York to L.A, Remini has stayed true to her rushed, rude, and cantankerous New York self, although how they hope to portray this, exactly, is unclear. Personally, I'm hoping this means we'll see Remini walking quickly among slow moving Californians, and smacking the front of taxis while screaming a Dustin Hoffman-esque "HEY, I'M WALKING HERE," but we shall see.

What we can definitely look forward to, though, is super GIF-able family showdowns between Leah, her husband Angelo (is it weird that I can almost hear her yelling her husband's name in my head?) and their 9- year-old daughter Sofia. Get pumped, you're going to have a whole lot of Remini very, very soon.