10 Best Undies For Skirts & Dresses When You Want More Coverage, Because Wind

I wear dresses every single day, even in the dead of winter. This is not an exaggeration. Pants annoy me to no end, and pants shopping is even worse. Consequently, I’ve done a lot of research about the right kinds of underwear to wear under summer clothing, especially if you’re looking for panties and shorts with adequate coverage. The results? Dress addicts everywhere can rest easy knowing that there are tons of options out there.

Wind is something that I’ve got a lot of on Long Island, and since the very beginning of my dress-wearing days, I realized that running errands with nothing but a thong underneath would most likely result in a parking lot full of people who’ve now seen my butt. Shorts under dresses, all the way.

I used to steal a pair of boxer briefs from every guy I’ve ever dated, but I’ve since learned that they specifically make female underwear for underneath dresses and skirts. Reach for something that’s smooth, body-hugging, fits well, and offers full coverage, and you can walk over any subway grate without a single damn to give. Check out these awesome full coverage underwear options for any body size or dress type.

1. Wear Something Seamless And Stretchy

This Maidenform boyshort panty is ideal for tighter and shorter skirts or dresses, as it provides adequate coverage and a seamless look underneath clothing while cutting right above the thigh. It’s extra stretchy and comfortable, so you get protection while feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all.

2. Try A Good Pair Of Slipshorts

For full coverage without any of the bunching or sweating, you’ve got Jockey's light boy shorts. They’re made with a silky smooth fabric that reduces chafing, wicks sweat, glides easily underneath any fabric, and won’t cause panty lines. One excited lady says, “Fit perfect. Would recommend to fellow dress wearers!”

3. Full Coverage (And A Hidden Pocket!)

This pair of full coverage briefs looks a little less like underwear and more like a pair of boyshorts — and because they’re well-stitched and have a hidden pocket that's 8-inches deep, they provide the coverage and convenience that you’re looking for underneath a dress or skirt.

4. If You Like The Breeze, Try Lace

If you wear dresses to avoid feeling confined, a thick solid fabric might seem counterintuitive. The FOXERS lace boxer briefs cover things up while still being breathable and lightweight, as they’re made from a nylon lace material. Unlike other briefs, the band fits snugly around your waist to prevent lines, and they have a subtle interior lining to keep certain areas covered.

5. These Hipster Panties Look Like Workout Shorts

These plus-size hipster boy short panties look more like workout shorts than anything else, so they’re an obvious option when it comes to full coverage. They’ve got a great stretch to them without becoming translucent, they won’t slip or bunch, and women say, “They almost feel like I'm wearing nothing."

6. Go For Plus-Size Fitted Shorts

This plus size fitted boxer is an awesome option for plus-sized women, as it’s got a full elastic waist, no-bunching silhouette, and inseam for full leg coverage. Reviewers say they’re durable, extra comfortable, and lightweight, so they’re great for under dresses.

7. Make Your Underwear Part Of The Outfit

For full protection that looks like part of the outfit, there’s these adorable lace tiered safety pants. The top has a streamlined design so it doesn’t show underneath your skirts and dresses, but the bottom flares out into a lacy design that’s soft, pretty, and keeps everything covered.

8. Try A Classic Slip

This Ilusion bloomer slip is especially great for hot summer days, as it’s made out of a lightweight anti-cling material. The bottom has a lace panel trim that blends in with the hem of your typical skater dress, and one reviewer says, “It makes a world of difference for my short dresses that cling to leggings or pantyhose, or just ride-up in general.”

9. For Protection You Can’t Even Feel, Go With Silk

Another great option if you can’t stand being weighed down: Mulberry silk high waisted lace boy shorts. They’re made entirely from 100 percent natural mulberry silk, so they’re lightweight, breathable, extra soft, and comfortable. Some women wear them to sleep at night, but because they’re virtually undetectable under other fabrics, they provide awesome coverage under dresses.

10. Lightweight And Durable Coverage With Bamboo Fabric

I’m all for fabric made from bamboo because it’s super breathable, sweat-wicking, and soft. These HOEREV bamboo briefs provide a good amount of protection during a Marilyn Monroe moment, as the waist is high and the butt is covered, but they’re so lightweight and comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

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