These Melania Trump Speech Memes Should Give Michelle Obama A Good Laugh

The first night of the Republican National Convention prompted yuge headlines on Tuesday morning, but not for any reason party insiders might have hoped. The Internet essentially exploded after Twitter user Jarrett Hill noticed shocking similarities between Melania Trump's speech introducing her husband and Michelle Obama's counterpart speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2008, resulting in some hysterical Melania Trump RNC speech memes that are giving the potential First Lady a serious roast.

First, let’s throw out the possibility, as Trump advisor Paul Manafort proffered in the post-speech spin, that there’s no connection to Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. The sentence structure, diction, even the delivery, were all so similar the First Lady’s speech, that it’s statistically impossible that Melania Trump’s speech was not a copy of Michelle Obama’s. At the very least, it wouldn’t pass MLA standards, and if it’s not good enough for my high school English teacher, it shouldn’t be good enough for the speechwriting team of a major party presidential candidate.

Plagiarism isn’t technically a legal offense, so the only court that matters is the court of public opinion — and it’s not disappointing. These memes might be the only real consequence of Melania and the Trump campaign’s actions, so they should be rightfully enjoyed by all until more news from the RNC breaks.

Melania Trump's speech will live in infamy, and thankfully, the world has these memes by which to remember it.