The One Thing To Remember About Bran In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7

Now that the excitement over R+L=J getting confirmed on Game of Thrones has calmed down, it's time to get into the logistics of what that revelation means. Just spreading the news to Jon is going to be difficult enough as is. Going into Season 7, there's one thing to remember about Bran on Game of Thrones — he has been touched by the Night's King, and that's probably a bad sign.

While learning about the origin of the Night's King, the White Walkers, and their army of wights, the villainous, fearsome leader grabbed Bran's arm. That touch meant that the Walkers could attack Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven in the weirwood tree. It's not a friendly mark, and there are definitely going to be more repercussions in Season 7. He could be dying, or turning into a White Walker himself. He could be giving the White Walkers what they need to bring down the Wall and attack Westeros, just like they blew past the tree's defenses.

What I think the mark means, personally, is that Bran will not be able to cross the magical barrier at the Wall or enter Castle Black — either physically, or because he knows that the White Walkers will be able to follow him. There has to be some conflict between Bran's newfound information and Jon Snow, who needs to hear it most of all. Uncle "Coldhands" Benjen may have left them prematurely.


If Bran cannot go South, that also means that a lot of weight is going to be placed on Meera Reed's shoulders. Leaf did tell her that her moment was coming. Even if it puts her in danger, I am excited about that possibility. The information about the White Walkers and Jon's parentage is too important to be trusted with a raven, and I would think that both Bran and Meera get that. She's going to have to deliver the message herself, and who knows what trouble (or traveling companions) she'll encounter on that journey.

Image: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; Giphy