Sarah Hyland’s New Hair Color Is A Blast From The Recent Past — PHOTO

Let the end-of-summer hair transformations begin! Sarah Hyland is back to bronde after experimenting with tons of different hair colors this season. The short blonde and brown bob might be her go-to signature look, but it looks pretty darn good on her. The actress recent Instagram proves that she's absolutely loving her 'do and gives an explanation to why she's been switching her hair up so much lately.

This year has brought Hyland many hair changes along the way. She went from long and brow to short and dark with a blink of the eye. Heck, she even had two different shades of red in her hair recently. I'm fully convinced that the Modern Family star can do anything with her hair and look great. All great styles must come to and end. Now she's officially back to her signature short hair, but looking just as fabulous.

Hyland posted a photo of her new style to Instagram, saying that she's back to bronde specifically for Modern Family. She also gave a pretty good explanation for all the recent hair changes. "The red hair was the process in to this and a happy surprise that I may want to go back to," her captions reads.

That a whole lot of blonde! The actress is totally pulling off her go-to look, to no surprise. The color and cut really makes her hazel eyes pop. Here's a look at her past looks, so you can see just how bold she been lately.

1. Bright Red

From her recent caption, it's clear that she didn't do this on purpose. It looked pretty great on her though.

2. Deep Burgandy

This one was completely her choice. She switched it up after she was finished shooting her latest movie.

3. Dark Brown

Her Dirty Dancing style was pretty dark, but she completely pulled it off.

4. Longer Length

Hyland even experimented with length.

5. Short & Dark

She chopped it all off too.

So many hair styles, so little time!