This Three-Year-Old Girl Cuts Her Hair To Donate To Sick Children, Cue the Tears

You may not have given much thought to your hair when you were a kid. Your mom braided it, your brother pulled it, you had to get it trimmed occasionally. But to three-year-old Emily James, her hair is an opportunity to help children who don't have any.

The utterly inspiring video "Emily's Hair," posted by FlyPress Films, documents James' journey as she gets her hair cut by her uncle Matthew so she can donate her locks to children who experience hair loss as a side-effect of illness or treatment. James is initially interviewed before visiting her uncle for a haircut, and what she says is so heart-warming and eloquent, it's almost unbelievable that she's only three.

To help her understand what her haircut will look like after he is finished, Matthew first cuts a doll's hair to visualize the end result for his little niece. After she understands the process, they get to cutting — bring on the tissues.

James' profound courage and generosity is surely enough to inspire your next haircut. To learn more about how you too could donate your long locks, visit Pantene Beautiful Lengths or Locks Of Love.

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Image: FlyPress Films/YouTube