New 'Fantastic Beasts' Books Will Be Pure Magic

It seems like every day at the moment we wake up to more exciting Harry Potter news, and I'm certainly not complaining! The latest exciting owl post comes from Walker Books — who are going to publish a series of interactive Fantastic Beasts books. Yep, interactive. These books are going to be so magically alive they wouldn't look out of place on Harry Potter's own bookshelf.

The details on these books are pretty scarce at the moment, other than that there will be several of them, and that they will be released in novelty and interactive formats. And this is all on top of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them screenplay coming out in November, and the new edition Fantastic Beasts book being released in Spring next year — so in short, there'll be no shortage of wizarding paraphernalia for you to lay your hands on.

According to Karen Lotz of the Walker group, the new interactive books are going to be aimed at "young fans" — but that's definitely not going to stop any of us grown up Muggles and No-Majes from playing with them. Interactive Harry Potter books just sound way too good to be true, so we're not going to let any pesky age limits put us off. And remember: if it bites — you're supposed to stroke it.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube