A #MuggleMob Just Took Over SoHo!

Nine years after the release of The Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter still has the most incredible power to unite people. On Thursday, hoards of No-Majes took to the streets of SoHo to form a Muggle Mob — all in celebration of the Cursed Child screenplay coming July 31. (So soon!!)

Crowds gathered outside Scholastic to see the unveiling of a huge Cursed Child banner, and books from the Harry Potter series were passed around for people in the crowd to read. From the looks of Twitter and Instagram, it was a truly magical experience. Potterheads united to hold up paddles displaying the Cursed Child cover, and to share in reading their favorite Harry Potter passages. Sounds like my kind of day!

Muggles across the globe are counting down the days until the release of the screenplay, so that we all have a chance to experience the secrets that so far only a lucky few audiences of the play have been able to glimpse. But don't worry, as per J.K. Rowling's request, we will #KeepTheSecrets off the Internet so that everyone has a chance to watch the play spoiler-free. (Well, everyone with enough spare pocket money for a plane ride to London, that is!)

Good Morning America was kind enough to Periscope the event for those of us unable to attend:

And Harry Potter fans in New York City took to Twitter to share their pictures of the magical event:

It's always fantastic to see how strong the Harry Potter fandom still is after all this time — and the crowds of excited Muggles outside Scholastic on Thursday mad it pretty clear that our love for the wizarding world isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Images: Lauren Festa/Scholastic