Who Is Jimmy Fallon's Announcer? His 'SNL' & 'Parks and Rec' Ties Will Surprise You

Jimmy Fallon has finally taken over the coveted Tonight Show spot, and we're excited to usher in a new era of late night TV. But while we've seen Jimmy Fallon's pretty face splashed all over the Tonight Show posters, there's one more person we see less, who also has a big impact on our viewing experience. So, who is Jimmy Fallon's announcer? That man is Steve Higgins.

While you may not recognize Steve off the bat, he's been a big part of the comedy world. Steve Higgins entered the comedy world with his The Comedy Channel TV show, The Higgins Boys and Gruber. The show was on air from 1989-1991, and starred Higgins, his brother David Anthony Higgins, and Dave "Gruber" Allen. The show was filled with obscure comedy references and pop culture quips, perfect for stretching out ones late-night comedy legs.

Later, Higgins went on to write for The Jon Stewart Show and achieved every comedian's dream as co-head writer for Saturday Night Live. And while he had a ton of success as a writer, he also had a very important place in pop culture history. According to writer Michael Schur, the Parks & Recreation character Andy is based on Steve Higgins himself.

We're excited to see Higgins in his role on Fallon's show, as well as in his fictional form as the lovable Andy (played by Chris Pratt, who we have to say doesn't look a thing like Higgins) on Parks and Rec.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images