What Are Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman & 4 Other Actresses We've Missed All Year Up to Next?

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in the midst of the Oscar night fanfare, we had the treat of spotting some of Hollywood's most powerful actresses, including Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, and Charlize Theron. However, our excitement was due not only to our sincere love for the leading ladies of the silver screen, but also to the fact that we haven't actually seen them in a movie all year long.

Take Anne Hathaway for example. Since she won the Oscar in 2013, we haven't seen her at all. Same goes for Angelina Jolie, whose last film, The Tourist, was four years ago. While Hollywood has been ablaze with a new generation of young actresses, including Carrie's Chloe Moretz and August: Osage County's Abigail Breslin, the seasoned female veterans seem to be taking a backseat.

Fortunately for everyone, these six actresses are making a much-needed comeback in 2014 with multiple films ready for their red-carpet premiere. Take a look at what they have hidden up their sleeves.

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