Woman Found Sleeping In Justin Bieber’s Bed Arrested For Criminal Goldilocksing

Someone realllllly wanted to go to Justin Bieber's birthday party. According to reports, a woman found in Justin Bieber's rental home was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing. Bieber didn't know this lady. The homeowner didn't know this lady. The homeowner's niece who found the lady didn't know the lady. She's just a random lady who showed up, walked her tired butt into a bedroom, and fell asleep.

The woman's name is Qianying Zhao and Sandy Springs, Ga. police say, "A family member found the woman sleeping in one of the home's bedrooms shortly after 5 p.m." on March 5. The home Bieber is renting during his stay in Georgia belongs to music producer Dallas Austin who you may know if you watched Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story . Austin previously was in a relationship with TLC's Chilli and they have a child together. Or you might know him if you just happen to be up on your successful music producers. Austin's 20-year-old niece, Ashley, was the one who found Zhao.

According to a police report from the incident, Zhao, 23, claimed to be at the home for Justin Bieber's birthday party and said that Bieber himself invited her. She also said that she was friends with Bieber after meeting him through Twitter and that "she realized that she was too late for the party, so she decided to wait there for him." 5 p.m. would be a pretty early party and entering a residence unannounced and falling asleep is not the way to deal with a late arrival. There's obviously something else going on here — A mental issue? Drugs? Bieber fever?

The police report goes on to state that Bieber's party wasn't even held at the home, but at another location earlier in the week. Zhao was reportedly taken to a jail in the Atlanta suburb Alpharetta and booked on a misdemeanor charge.

As for Bieber, this is the second time recently that an arrest has happened around him without it resulting in his arrest or being his fault. Keep up the good work, Biebz.