When Will 'Bachelor Pad' Air? The Group Will Reunite at the Mansion Sooner Than You Think

Last summer we were delivered the hard news that The Bachelor Pad would not air. That means we missed out on seeing Tierra "Sparkles" LiCausi, Arie Luyendyk, and all the other fun faces of last season's Bachelor and Bachelorette compete for $250,000 at the infamous mansion. But never fear! As far as we know, the series is back on for summer 2014, and we can take an educated guess about when it might air. Considering Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette will start late May, the eight week run should put us at early August for the finale, meaning Bachelor Pad will start soon after.

Our best guess is that we're going to see the fine folks from Bachelor nation begin to regroup at the mansion early to mid August for the Pad. But it's anyone's guess as to who might show — but Lucy "the Free Spirit" and Brooks Forester will probably be there. And hey, remember last season when "super-fans" of The Bachelor went on to compete?

Granted, the super fans were eliminated in the first couple of weeks, but it was a fun idea. Here's hoping opera singer Sharleen signs up and serves the Bachelor mansion with a little class. But who are we kidding? That scenario is about as likely as Juan Pablo eliminating the words, "Eeees OK" from his ever-expanding vocabulary.