Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Make Adorable Twins

The amazing life of Queen Bey and her mini-me continues. On Tuesday, Beyoncé shared photos of Blue Ivy and herself living it up in Paris. Yes, the pictures are gorgeous, especially with the Eiffel Tower in the background. However, what really makes the photos is the fact that Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are in matching outfits. If you weren't convinced the two are already twins, the following photos of them sporting similar Gucci dresses will certainly convince you.

Remember growing up and thinking how uncool it was to dress like your mom? Who wanted to be in the same exact outfit as their mom? There may be a handful of people out there who didn't mind it one bit, but I know there are a bunch of other individuals who were embarrassed by it — a lot. Clearly, Blue Ivy is part of the former category. As you can see below, she is totally loving hanging with her mom and being twins. She may feel differently once she gets older or looks back at the photos (I highly doubt that, especially with her mom being Queen Bey), but for now she is totally feeling it.

Basically, Bey and Blue are proving how cool it is to dress like your mom. They make it look like a fashion statement. I'm sure more mothers and daughters will start dressing alike to channel their inner Beyoncé and Blue Ivy. Really, the pictures are adorable. Be sure to also take note of how they're wearing similar facial expressions and have the same mannerisms.

Here They Are Being Silly & Serious

They rock it, too.

Here They Are Putting Their Outfits On Display

Get it, Blue.

Here They Are Blowing Kisses

So sweet.

Here They Are Jumping

And they are still in unison.

So, Mom, when are we getting matching outfits?