'GMA's Surprise for Viral Birthday Sensation Colin Will Make You Tear Up — VIDEO

All too often, the Internet is a place where my faith in humanity goes into a corner to whimper and putter out. However, every once in a while, when my eyes don't despair at a comments section on a noodle recipe (because sure, that's a reason for someone to say something bigoted), something comes along that proves the Internet can actually be a great place for people to connect. One of the best pages to pop up in recent history is Happy Birthday Colin — a viral sensation that has garnered well over two-million followers in less than two months. The page was created by Colin's mom Jennifer, who simply wanted to wish her son a wonderful 11th birthday. And to her surprise, millions from across the world reached out to do just that. Colin's page was such a huge hit that he and his family were welcomed on to Good Morning America early Friday for a mega birthday party.

Colin is an avid gamer, a huge comedy fan, and has some seriously awesome style (check out his tie on GMA!) — he also happens to have a condition that is similar to Asperger syndrome and has a tough time making friends at school. So when Colin's mom asked to throw him a birthday party, his response was that he didn't want one because he didn't have any friends. Jennifer then took to Facebook where seemingly overnight, the whole world got together to wish him a happy birthday and prove that he's got friends in all corners of the globe.

Some of those friends are also pretty famous. A slew of stand-up comedians, including Jay Leno, Dane Cook, Dave Williamson, Tammy Pescatelli and many more, got together to make a video for the budding young comedian. The BBC even got in on the surprise and sent a personalized Doctor Who card on Facebook.

The GMA birthday surprise was the icing on a very sweet birthday cake for Colin. Not only was he greeted by a marching band, he and his family were also given a trip to Disney. Now that's how you turn 11 in style.

Check out the clip:


Images: ABC