If You Were to Compete in The Olympic Games, Which Sport Would You Dominate?

I don’t know about you, but watching professional athletes challenge one another at the world’s most exciting and notorious athletic experience makes me wish I could compete in the Olympic Games myself. I’d love to time travel back to second grade so I could beg my parents not to let me quit gymnastics — or convince them to at least sign me up for a soccer team, because I’ve always marveled at the way Ali Krieger works the field. After all, if I had stuck with a specific sport as a youngster, maybe I, too, would be on my way to Brazil with the rest of the world’s top athletes to show off my skills in the greatest rendition of a middle school field day, ever. Hey, a girl can dream!

Of course, I can’t be the only one who gets inspired by the possibility of shattered world records, arch rivals high-fiving in out-of-this-world displays of good sportsmanship, and dramatic stories about a competitor’s passionate and lifelong dedication to their sport. Watching the Olympic Games makes us all wish we were smack dab in the middle of the action. Yet, since not all of us have been fine-tuning our sport since we were a freshman in high school, like track athlete Alyson Felix we partnered with Jif® to help you visualize your athletic daydreams more clearly. After all, your training has got to start somewhere! Take this quiz to find out what sport you would dominate if you were competing in the summer games. And don’t forget: you’re already worthy of a gold medal in our eyes!

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