The 'Boy Meets World' Reunion Picture Leaves A Question About The 'Girl Meets World' Finale — PHOTO

I need all my pop culture detectives to gather in the squad room please, because I have to put you on a case. Why are both Morgan Matthews in the Boy Meets World reunion? A picture was snapped to document the Girl Meets World Season 3 finale, which will air in 2017, and, nestled in among the current and recurring casts, both the actresses who played Cory and Eric's younger sister Morgan Matthews were present: Lily Nicksay, who held the role for Seasons 1 and 2, and Lindsay Ridgeway, who replaced Nicksay in Season 3, and played the character all the way through the end of the series, to Season 7. It was always one of the more confusing cast changes, for me, because both actresses were so talented, so it can really only be a good thing that they'll both be present in the same Girl Meets World episode. But at the same time... what does it all mean?

How will the Girl Meets World universe explain two people who were really only one character? Will they have Nicksay begin the episode, and then seamlessly replace her with Ridgeway for the second half, sort of poking fun at themselves for trying to pull a fast one on us back in the day? Or maybe these two Morgans will be introduced as secret twins who always get mistaken for each other and have eerily similar names?

I honestly can't begin to imagine how or why they'd both be in the same episode, but I have a feeling it will involve some inside jokes on the show's part. I'm envisioning them switching back and forth from scene to scene and refusing to acknowledge that they look different. I would truly love that, and it would feel like such a wink and a nod to fans of the original show.

Either way, the prospect of a Boy Meets World reunion was already tremendously exciting, and all this Morgan mystery is really just the cherry on top. It makes me beyond excited to catch the finale, as if I needed another reason.

Image: Buena Vista Television; Giphy