U2 Album & Tour Delayed Until 2015: Here's How to Cope

When a band breaks up or a musician decides to call it quits, fans go absolutely ballistic. Fortunately for you, since the entertainment gods have decided not to strike down earth with a thunderbolt and because I don’t want to fully ruin your Friday afternoon, I am not here to tell you that anyone has broken up. However, I’m going to partially ruin the rest of your day with horrible news that U2 will not be going a tour and will not be releasing a new album this year. The album has been pushed to 2015, and that tour originally scheduled for this fall is now going to happen next summer.

Commence the temper tantrums.

The group recently released two tracks, "Ordinary Love" and "Invisible," so basically, you will have to listen to those two songs on repeat until the New Year. Stop being upset, though, because you will survive, just as you would’ve survived if U2 hadn’t initially announced an album release or tour date to begin with. So here, get up off your butt and use these coping methods to get through the next year.

Use this time to get to know a new group or artist

Have you ever heard of George Ezra’s Budapest? No? I didn’t think so. Although Ezra hails from England, unlike that of the members from U2 who are Irish, this rising star is sure to be a hit. So you might as well start listening to him now so that you can tell everyone “you heard him before he became famous.” Really though, with Ezra aside, we get so attached to certain artists sometimes don’t branch out and listen to other acts there. Take this time of mourning to find your new U2.

Remind yourself that at least it’s 2014

Remember when people actually freaked out when The Beatles travelled the world for their tours? Yeah, that’s because there wasn’t this fancy thing called the Internet where we could easily access YouTube, band websites, 8tracks, Pandora and so forth. Check out U2's music and videos online.

Look at their songs from a different perspective

I’m assuming that you have at least one song, if not several, from past U2 albums that you no longer listen to. If that’s the case, give them another go. They're probably better than you remember.

Take a look back at history and take solace in the fact that they haven’t broken up

On the plus side, the band is still returning and the news could be much, much worse. Just remember that U2 isn’t dead like Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff’s relationship. Zing! Remember when this group existed though...

The most important thing to do?