Lindsay Lohan’s Huge Book Deal Will Ruin Her Acting Career

Lindsay Lohan has a lot going on recently with her new Oprah documentary and the (hopefully) soon-to-come Mean Girls reunion, but it sounds like she has some more positive news on the way. Reportedly, Lindsay Lohan is about to get a $1 million book deal for her memoir. According to Page Six, Lohan "is about to sign a $1 million contract with HarperCollins to write the story of her troubled life."

And apparently, she was expecting more money than that. The site goes on to say that Lohan's agent was going for $5 million, but couldn't get any publishing companies to go that high. A source told Page Six, "There was initial interest, but everybody backed off. There was concern she wouldn’t deliver." This view is not surprising at all seeing as Lohan is known for not showing up to set on time when filming and even had issues when filming her reality series for OWN.

While HarperCollins has not released a statement, Lohan's publicist, Tej Herring, said, "There have been some conversations, but nothing official yet.” Lohan getting a book deal would make sense. This isn't like giving a book deal to an unknown writer; people know Lohan and know her story, so her book is guaranteed to sell. It just might be repetitive to anyone who watches her OWN show, Lindsay, which follows her post-rehab life. In fact, while she was in rehab, Lohan kept a diary which will reportedly be the basis of her book. A publishing source told Page Six, "It’s more or less an autobiography, but she had a minimal number of sample pages."

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If Lohan does end up writing a book, that will be two, very public instances of Lindsay Lohan sharing her life, from her perspective, with the public. This could be a good thing if she's able to keep on the straight and narrow going forward, but if she turns to her old behaviors again, then she'll just have two, very public examples of herself almost getting it together and messing up. Another issue is that if Lohan wants to seriously get back into acting, then having so much focus on her personal life — the thing that arguably dragged her down in the first place — might not be the best idea. She's already become more known for being Lindsay Lohan the person with the crazy life, than she is as Lindsay Lohan the actress. This will just draw more attention to that.

Then again, how do you turn down a $1 million book deal? You don't. Let's just hope she doesn't release her I Improved Myself book, only to relapse again.