Why Isn't Kanye West At The 2016 Teen Choice Awards? He & Kim Kardashian Are Nowhere To Be Seen

Kanye West has been pretty busy recently — releasing a controversial video for his song "Famous," going toe-to-toe with his wife, Kim Kardashian, against Taylor Swift over the same song (it was the Snapchat heard ‘round the world), and generally being the music, social media, and fashion mogul he is. Because of those accomplishments, West is also nominated for three Teen Choice Awards in the categories of Social Media King, Choice Style: Male, and Choice Twit (that’s a Twitter award, by the way). However, on Sunday night, the rapper was not in attendance to claim any potential surfboards in person. Where was Kanye West during the 2016 Teen Choice Awards?

Both Kim and Kanye didn't make an appearance at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards, though I'm sure they would have been happy to be there. But the couple has a lot going on — besides raising two adorable children with Kim, Kanye is promoting a record, putting new music together, and getting prepped for the Saint Pablo Tour, which kicks off Aug. 25 in Indianapolis (tickets are available on his website). The tour is only in the United States for now, ending Nov. 1 in Los Angeles, but I'm sure that Yeezy will be adding world dates after he takes a break for the holidays.

I can't blame Yeezy for wanting to put all of his eggs in the Saint Pablo basket — he hasn't toured since 2013, so his fans have been waiting nearly four years to see him on stage. The Teen Choice Awards, fun as they may be, are definitely secondary to making sure that West's fans are getting the show that they deserve for those ticket prices, so if he stayed home to continue working on the tour and his many other projects, I don't blame him. Or if he stayed home because he needed to relax after being so busy with all of that, I still don't blame him. Whatever the reason that Kanye decided to skip the Teen Choice Awards, as long as he delivers fans another unforgettable tour this summer, I totally forgive him.

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