Jordan Rodgers’ Sportscasting Job Hasn’t Kicked Off Yet, But These Past Interview Videos Show He’ll Be Great

Sometimes (OK, most of the time) a lot of Bachelorette contestants have some pretty questionable careers. I mean, this season, one early contestant had the job title of "Bachelor Super Fan" — although, honestly, that's kind of my profession too. But when it comes to frontrunner Jordan Rodgers, his job is pretty legit. The Bachelorette addressed him as "former pro quarterback," which is true, but it's just not what he's doing right now. These days, he's actually becoming more of a sportscaster, a position in which he can comment on games and the industry with the unique perspective of someone who's actually been in the players' shoes. Unfortunately, if you're looking for videos of Jordan Rodgers sportscasting, there isn't much out there. But there is proof it's a job he'll be good at.

Recently, Jordan reportedly took on a new gig with the SEC network, but so far it doesn't seem like he's started that job quite yet (or revealed any details about what he'll be doing there). However, there is a ton of footage on YouTube to be found of Jordan flexing his on-camera muscles as a player, talking about his time in the NFL draft and giving post-game updates about how he and his team played. And even though he's pretty young in a lot of these videos, he seems destined to make sportscasting a career.

Talking To Reporters After A College Game

Giving An Interview About The Draft

Another College Interview

His hair might be less swoop-y in this videos, but just like we've seen on The Bachelorette, he's always been confident on camera. Here's hoping that regardless of whether he wins JoJo's heart, we get some more details about his sportscasting career soon.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC