At Last, We Have Marshmallow-Only Cereal!

Growing up you must have had a few dreams. Nothing too crazy. Just something that you wished was around in your kitchen, like marshmallow-only cereal. A cereal made for the inner child and the nostalgic adult. Because who doesn't want to eat marshmallows for breakfast without all that pesky cereal getting in the way?! This is America. It is 2016 and if I want to have this luxurious food in my mouth, I can have it. This is why the the gods created checking accounts.

Technically the rumor mill about a marshmallow-only cereal has been circulating the internet and real world for quite some time. People have always loved the traditionally delicious flavors of marshmallow cereals. Yet, today is the day that rumor becomes a reality. Hoosier Hill Farms brand marshmallow-only cereal is being sold right now online. You can have it sitting in your kitchen less than two weeks from today! I would suggest ordering it and then preparing yourself and your stomach. Buy a nice new bowl. Maybe a milk serving dish? Basically, deck out your kitchen and make it into the place to welcome a dream.

This will be the answer to all of those unfortunate souls that didn't win the contest Lucky Charms had last year. Ten people got the limited edition marshmallow cereal boxes, and the rest of us could only wonder on their glory. But no more! Now we have the power to be the lucky and chosen! It's in our control now!

Feast your eyes and mouths on this. It's what heaven's kitchen will serve.

Bonus? You don't even have to wait for this. You can buy it online right now. What a world we live in, everyone!

Images: Hoosier Hill Farms