See How Clinton Uses Snapchat Against Republicans

Critics of Hillary Clinton have tried to peg her as out of touch, calling her out for her attempts at pandering to a younger voter demographic with jokes and references that are at times way off base. But if there's one certifiably young thing Clinton understands, it's Snapchat. The Democratic nominee has been using the social platform for a year now, and throughout her time on the social network, she has learned a thing or two about using the perfect filter, and, more fittingly, tearing down Republican rivals. What is Clinton's Snapchat name? You won't want to waste any more of the election not following her.

Her username is pretty obvious: Hillary Clinton (with an American flag emoji alongside it, of course). Both Clinton and her likely team of dedicated ghost-snappers paint the candidate in a fun, playful light, taking users backstage at rallies and throwing in the occasional burn or two. Clinton recently used the platform to troll Chris Christie with a video of herself and the Republican hugging and chatting it up.

Clinton's followers can therefore expect a healthy combination of behind-the-scenes action, some clever uses of "Yaaas, queen!" and good ol' fashioned Trump-bashing. Here is Clinton's first Snapchat story, as well as some of best moments from her account:

And of course, the best Snapchat story of them all...

In exchange for my excessive use of the dog filter, I feel like I could definitely get some Snapchat pointers from Clinton.

Image: MSNBC (1)