How To Favorite A Pokemon In “Pokemon Go”

I’m willing to be that most of us haven’t hitherto bothered much with the whole “favoriting a Pokemon” feature built into “Pokemon Go” — but after the augmented reality game’s July 31 update, maybe that’s all about to change. In fact, knowing how to favorite a Pokemon in “Pokemon Go” might actually be one of the most valuable tools in your Trainer toolbox now. So let’s talk a little bit about how to do it, shall we?

Up until Sunday’s update, favoriting Pokemon didn’t really seem to be terribly useful; sure, it gave you another way to organize your collection, but beyond that, the only thing that separated a favorited Pokemon from an un-favorited one was whether or not its profile had a gold star on it. Now, though? Favoriting a Pokemon has one undeniable benefit: It makes it impossible to transfer that Pokemon to Professor Willow. And for anyone who has poured their heart and soul into raising and evolving the most powerful Vaporeon they possibly could, only to somehow accidentally turn that beautiful beast into a piece of candy? This quality of non-transference is a godsend.

Like so many other things in “Pokemon Go,” the game doesn’t actually explain how you favorite a Pokemon — but, also like so many other things in “Pokemon Go,” it’s actually quite simple to do. In case you need a little help, here you go:

1. Go To The Main Menu

You know the drill: Tap the big ol’ Pokeball at the bottom of the map screen.

2. Tap “Pokemon”

You know this drill, too. It’s on the left hand side and brings up all the Pokemon you currently have in your possession.

3. Tap The Pokemon You Want To Favorite

Let’s go with my Eevee. Guess what I’m planning to evolve it into?

4. Tap The Star In The Upper Right Hand Corner

And voila! When you go back to your Pokemon screen, the one you just favorited will appear with a star next to it:

So, uh… feel free to go play favorites now, I guess. Your Pokemon won’t mind. (Or at least, I don’t think they will…)

Images: Lucia Peters/Bustle (7)