Juan Pablo Galavis Takes A Vegas Boys Trip Right Before the 'Bachelor' Finale

Juan Pablo may have dropped some hints about tomorrow's Bachelor finale through his social media accounts. Juan Pablo went on a boys trip to Las Vegas this weekend with two friends to watch the Jorge Linares vs. Nihito Arakawa boxing match and naturally he documented the whole trip on Instagram because why not? (Because we don't care, that's why not, but JP doesn't listen to us.) He posted pictures of him with the Venezuelan fighter Linares and a shot of his buddy tinkering with their car before they hit the road for the trip. He also posted a lot of photos of himself pointing at things as if we might miss them in the photo is he wasn't there to draw attention to them. People reports that he and his two buddies wandered around the casino after the fight with Juan Pablo "obliging any and all photo requests." Sounds like a pretty classy weekend for the father and maybe soon to be husband. (See, I can do sarcasm too, JP.) So what does this Vegas trip mean for the Bachelor on the eve of his television maybe-proposal episode?


Juan Pablo teased his followers about his possible impending nuptials with a photo of him in front of one of Vegas' wedding chapels. He captioned it with three of those little surprised face emoticons. Perhaps he's planning on getting married in Vegas? Maybe the big finale shocker will be that he and Nikki or Clare already did the wedding deed and this was his teaser picture.


Who goes on a Vegas boys trip right before you're about to get TV-engaged? I mean The Hangover did that, but that wasn't real life and it most certainly wasn't a good idea.


Juan Pablo likes to "be HAPPY and enjoy JOKES and SARCASM" (especially ill-advised ones like jokes that make fun of mentally disabled people.) So his sense of humor was most likely behind his wedding chapel picture. A sort of "Hey, this'll be fun! Let's confuse America before my show ends and I fade into obscurity!" Also JP is known for posting puzzling pics to Instagram and Twitter. Like that one time he made it sound like he had a girlfriend separate from the show by posting a picture of him and a female friend and captioning it "Happy BIRTHDAY to My Boo Anabelle, the BEST girlfriend I have ever HAD…” So more likely than not the wedding chapel pic was just Juan Pablo's confusing sense of humor making an appearance during his weirdly timed Vegas trip. So does he propose tomorrow? I'm still going with no.

Images: Instagram/juanpagalavis; Tumblr/christopherjamesgunn