Britney Spears' "Private Show" Has Nothing To Hide

Seeing what Britney Spears can do on stage is just the tip of the iceberg. In the singer's latest single, "Private Show," Spears is giving fans an intimate look into some of her more private performances in the bedroom. Her sexy new song not only provides a totally dance-worthy, sultry tune, but it also uses its lyrics to paint a picture of a night in. You know, if you were lucky enough to get a night in with Spears. As expected, she knows how to put on a show both on and off stage.

Right off the bat, these lyrics get down and dirty.

I want your attention in this roomYour eyes on mineSit you down, hop onto your pot of goldYou make me come alive

But, by the time "Private Show" gets to its chorus, the details of the performance get even less subtle.

Put on a private showPull the curtains until they closeI put on a private showWe'll be whiling all on the lowWork it, work it, boy watch me work itSlide down my pole, watch me spin it and twerk it

The "Private Show" lyrics also happen to be more relevant to the singer's life than fans may have initially expect it to be. At this time in the 34-year-old single mother's life, she's back on the scene both musically and romantically; she recently revealed that her search for love continues. Spears is embracing her sexuality like never before.

However, that doesn't mean that the "Toxic" singer is going to settle for just anybody. The lyrics also make it clear that her private shows are just that: private.

We don't need crowds, we just need usPut my feelings up, about to be rough

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she performs this song for more than just a private audience sometime soon. As Spears says herself, "All my tricks, they're spectacular. My encore is immaculate."