How To Make Your Morning Easier

Waking up in the morning is without a doubt the least favorite part of my day. I'm a night owl, an evening-type of person, an individual who gets a wave of energy at midnight and decides it's a good time to organize my (already clean) house. It's just the way my body and internal clock are wired, and I've happily come to accept that. I've stopped trying to shut my brain off at a reasonable hour every night in hopes of making waking up easier. Instead I've come up with some wonderful ways to brighten my morning routine, and start my day happier.

For starters, I've shortened my getting ready process by doing my hair the night before. I'll sleep in braids at night and wake up with beautiful, wavy hair–– no hot tools are required (score!). I also make sure my beauty tools are organized in drawers so that I'm not frantically searching for my coveted eyeliner in a giant, messy pile of makeup. It makes it so much easier to find what I'm looking for. And since I don't have to deal with all that hassle, I'm always on time for work.

In collaboration with the BIC® Soleil Shine® razor campaign to "Make Your Own Sun," check out all the ways to brighten your morning routine in the video below. Because ultimately, there's no better way to conquer the day than by starting off your morning happy and energized. And don't forget to subscribe to Bustle on YouTube for more beauty tips and tricks!

This post is sponsored by BIC Soleil Shine.