Why I Love the 'Acknowledgements' Section

It's always bittersweet when you finish a book. But, there is always one thing readers can take comfort in: the acknowledgements section. Nestled in the back of nearly every book is a special page (or several pages) where the author thanks everyone who has helped them write and publish their book. Usually, the author will thank their editor, agent, and publicist. They'll thank their friends and family, the myriad of people whose love and support helped the book become a reality. Every acknowledgements section is different.

Until recently, while reading, I would race to the finish of a book and skip the acknowledgements section entirely. I used to think that the acknowledgements section was more for the author's own personal use than the reader's. I thought that unless I was someone the author personally knew, the acknowledgements did not have anything for me.

Boy, was I wrong. I'm not sure when or why I started reading the acknowledgements section; it was in all likelihood a complete accident. But now, the acknowledgements section is one of my favorite things on the planet. These days, I even read them over and over again. Maybe you're already similarly obsessed, or maybe you haven't yet discovered the magic of the acknowledgements section. In either case, here are the things that I personally love about the acknowledgments section.

1. The acknowledgements pay tribute to the many, many people needed to bring a book to life.

Sometimes (especially when you're an unpublished or emerging writing), you can get really lonely. You can begin to feel like your writing will never compare to the novel that you find in the bookstore. You may feel as though you have to create perfection on your first try. But the acknowledgements section proves that it takes many, many people and lots of support to make a book happen.

2. The acknowledgements are filled with fascinating tid-bits.

While reading the acknowledgements section of Hannah Pittard's Listen to Me , I learned that she borrowed the names of her friends — Mark and Maggie — for for the names of her two main characters. It's a small detail, but an interesting one. I love reading acknowledgements, because many times, authors use the section to drop little tid-bits of trivia about their work.

3. The acknowledgements make the author seem more real.

While reading a book, you get to know the characters. While reading the acknowledgement, you get to know the author. You get to see a small slice of who they are.

4. The acknowledgements are a behind-the-scenes look at the writing process.

In the Acknowledgements, the author will sometimes thank the experts who assisted with research or pay tribute to their favorite writing locations. It's a fantastic way to get a behind-the-scenes peek at the creation process.

5. The acknowledgements are heartwarming.

There's nothing better than reading genuine gratitude. If you're having a bad day, the acknowledgements are sure to cheer you up.

6. The acknowledgements cleanse your palette.

If you've just finished a long, crazy book, you should read the acknowledgments. It'll cleanse your palette and allow you to take a breath before leaving the book and re-entering the world.

7. It makes me think of all the people I have to thank.

Sometimes I read the acknowledgements section, and I fantasize about all the people I would have to thank in my own acknowledgements section. Sometimes, it's nice to take a moment and mentally thank the people who support you and love you. But don't forget to thank them in person, too!

Images: Unsplash/Pixabay