Someone Important Is Missing From 'After Paradise'

Tuesday night brought another episode of Bachelor in Paradise, but afterwards, ABC gifted us with something even better: The return of BIP 's after show, After Paradise . The show has undergone a lot of changes, though, and one of them is really hard to ignore. You know, like the host. Instead of seeing the guy who's usually at the helm of all things Bachelor, Sean Lowe and Michelle Collins were sitting in his place. So, why isn't Chris Harrison hosting After Paradise ?

UPDATE: According to E! News, after fans tweeted him asking here he was, Chris Harrison claimed that it wasn't up to him to not host the show this year. "Very sorry but trust me, wasn't my call," he claimed in one message. "I miss it too, thanks," he said in another. ABC had no comment when E! News reached out for their article.

EARLIER: Unfortunately, there's no definitive answer to that question, but don't worry, it's probably nothing crazy like an indication that he's leaving the franchise or anything. Actually, if I had to guess, it's most likely because he has too many jobs as it is. Not only is he hosting BiP this summer — right after coming off of directing those rose ceremonies on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette — but he's also the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? too. Chris may basically be a tuxedo-wearing Superman, but he can't be multiple places at once. Plus, he has to sleep and see his kids and eat sometime, right? So chances are After Paradise just didn't fit into his busy schedule.

And even though it's always a pleasure to see former Bachelor Sean (who did an awesome job, by the way), I have to admit that I miss him. It just doesn't feel right to watch anything Bachelor related without Chris. Maybe we'll see him later this season? Fingers crossed!