Chelsea Handler Thinks Fashion Week is a "Nightmare," Pissed Off Anna Wintour

Though she wears Marchesa and Dsquared2 in the accompanying photoshoot, Chelsea Handler apparently hates fashion, according to an interview in PAPERMAG's Spring 2014 issue.

While this sassy anti-fashionista doesn't mind looking good for herself, she can't stand the spectacle of Fashion Week, or the "utterly ridiculous" fashion reviews that plague Hollywood. Last year, she took a boyfriend to a fashion show and insists it was "the worst nightmare I could have ever been to." (Clearly, she's never wandered through Carcosa.) Handler took issue with the fact that fashion shows aren't "real" — never mind the fact that that's why they're called "shows."

Nor is Handler afraid of the wrath of Anna Wintour. When Handler attended the Met Ball in 2012 for the first and only time, she most assuredly did not have fun. She didn't know the theme (it was Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations), and wore motorcycle boots beneath her Roland Mouret gown. Apparently Anna Wintour caught wind of the outfit and declared that Handler absolutely could not wear motorcycle boots, causing Handler to decide,

Well then I'll wear them so I can guarantee never getting invited again.

The greatest mystery of them all is this: How did Anna Wintour know Chelsea Handler was wearing motorcycle boots? Photos from the event show Handler (with then-boyfriend André Balazs) wearing a floor-length gown with nary a boot in sight. Are the rumors true, then, that Wintour insists on pre-approving every guest's outfit? Whoa.

Oh Chelsea. Attending fashion shows and wearing Roland Mouret to the Met Ball. Excuse us if we're not terribly sympathetic.