Jade Barbosa Makes A Rough Landing

During her floor routine at the individual all-around gymnastics finals, Brazilian gymnast Jade Barbosa was injured when she landed badly. In the middle of her tumbling passes, Barbosa appeared to hit the floor hard, and she wobbled off in clear pain, indicating that she might have hurt her leg, ankle, or foot. She then sat on the side of the mat in tears as a medical team rushed to her aid.

According to Tanya Liliana, a social media producer for CBC Sports who is at the Games, Barbosa received medical help and was taken away in a wheelchair after her fall. She has reportedly withdrawn from the competition, which is a real blow for Brazil. Barbosa had just performed a beautiful routine on the balance beam in the first rotation, and was hoping to work her way toward the top in the all-around competition.

Barbosa is no stranger to injury. She was hurt after the 2008 Olympics, and it looked at the time as if her career might have been over. She injured her right hand, and according to Triple Full's translation of a Globoesporte article, her doctors had reportedly concluded that her injury could be treated, but not cured entirely. In 2013, she ruptured a ligament in her leg while training. But her career continued, as she competed with her teammates in the Pan American Games in 2015 before ultimately making it to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

BBC reporter Aimee Lewis wrote that this latest injury didn't look too serious, but was at least bad enough to make her withdraw from participating in the rest of the competition. Barbosa might have seen her share of injuries over the years, but here's hoping that this isn't the one to end her bright gymnastic career.