Daft Punk & Jay Z's Secret Song "Computerized" Is Bad & Unintentionally Ironic — LISTEN

The number one question I'm left with after listening to the secret track revealed from Daft Punk and Jay Z is "What the hell is an iTouch?" The track, "Computerized," was leaked online on Monday night and though it seems like a joke, Pitchfork has, beyond a shadow of a doubt, confirmed that it's real and is probably a leftover from Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy soundtrack.

It's a lament about how the digital age is dehumanizing us, or something, but it's not a very effective message coming from two robots and a dude who had a whole album sponsored by Samsung (pre-Ellen at the Oscars, of course). "Everyone will be computerized," Daft Punk bleeps in a vocoder. Maybe the whole song was meant to be an ironic social commentary, but at the heart of it, it's just bad, and Jay Z's lyrics are so lazy and weird.

"I got an iTouch but I can't feel," and then, "Start macking on my Blackberry," he raps. But I thought you were using Apple products, Jay? It's not entirely a terrible song but it's probably for the best that it wasn't included on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack OR on Random Access Memories which was exquisite, perfect, etc.

Maybe it's just a whole robot conspiracy that we're not a part of, and maybe it's just a terrible, failed collab between artists we really like. Womp womp. We can safely say, though, that it's not the worst of Jay Z's collaborations, lest we forget that he once made an entire album and DVD with Linkin Park. So, this "Computerized" crap can be forgiven.

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