How Twitter Says You Can Make A Film Feminist

When women make gains in the world, whether in sports, politics or art, everyone wins. Well, everyone but certain angry dudes on the internet, that is. Enter Twitter's trending hashtag #FeministAMovie, which was created to mock yet another all female remake of a classic film.

The female-centric Ghostbusters reboot enraged those who think women should remain arm candy or femmes fatales. Don't we know that movies will be utterly unwatchable unless women talk of nothing but boy troubles and bangin' while bouncing their breasts in front of a camera for a few seconds before disappearing into the background? In the wake of the Ghostbusters backlash, it's no surprise that the announcement of an all-female Ocean's Eleven cast this week drew the ire of a certain online set.

After this news, #FeministAMovie began trending on Twitter to mock the ways women — and angry, ugly feminists in particular — can ruin film favorites. Once it got going, certain folks who wanted to steer the conversation in a more empowering direction jumped in the mix. And, tbh, some of the trolls did admittedly create some decent word play when trying to make fun of feminists. Who can resist a good laugh?

Here's how Twitter says you can make a film feminist:

Images: Unsplash; Twitter