At SXSW 2014, Subway Takes on High-Fashion With Brand-Themed Dresses

When you think of Subway, you probably think of Jared's diet, $5 footloooongs, and sliced meat. The last thing that comes to mind is likely art or fashion. But the brand sure wants to change that with these Flatizza dresses Subway debuted at SXSW.

Designed by Jennifer Henry of the brand Flock Flockflock — she specializes in "alternative material couture" according to her website — these dresses are comprised entirely of packaging from Subway's new Flatizza product (yes, that's a flat pizza and yes, we thought all pizzas were flat, too). Boxes and Subway-logo paper make up the sculpted bodice, flouncy skirt, and quirky hairpieces the models were forced to wear. In public.

I suppose that I can commend Subway for the use of art in advertising. The construction of the dresses is super-impressive, thanks to Henry's superior skills. And the idea is fun. But I'm left with a few questions: How is this supposed to make me want to buy a Flatizza? Why has Subway suddenly decided they are all about high fashion? Is Subway's advertising director the next Jeremy Scott?

If you missed it, Subway also staged a fashion show during NYFW in September 2013 in which designers created dresses out of Subway rubbish materials. Called Project Subway, it merely made me long for the days when Project Runway was still on Bravo. What it did not do was make me want to order a Veggie Delite from Subway.

Subway should probably leave the fashion to the brands that are fashionable, but at least we know that the paper-dress making mom and daughter duo have a back-up plan in case the Red Carpet doesn't work out.

Images: flockflockflock/Instagram