Rudy Guiliani Made A September 11 Flub Stumping For Donald Trump

Speaking at a rally for Donald Trump in Ohio on Monday, Rudy Guiliani made a major September 11 flub. Before the Republican presidential nominee took the stage to introduce a new immigration plan that will reportedly involve an ideology test, the former mayor of New York City, who served during the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, stated: "Under those eight years before Obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the U.S."

Twitter quickly jumped on the error made by a man who is revered for his handling of the September 11 attacks — so much so that it earned him the nickname "America's Mayor." The claim that that the United States did not suffer a radical Islamic terrorist attack before Barack Obama took office was not the only gaffe Giuliani appeared to make during his speech. At one point when he was introducing Mike Pence, who is the governor of Indiana, Giuliani appeared to talk about him as if he were the governor of Ohio, speaking about what Pence "has done for your state." Somewhat ironically, the governor of Ohio is John Kasich, one of Trump's main Republican primary opponents and a GOP leader who has notably refused to endorse him.

Giuliani has been one of Trump's most ardent surrogates, consistently defending the increasingly controversial Republican nominee.