Ciara Drops $20,000 On Nursery, But Her Baby Will Still Never Be As Stylish At North West

When Ciara has her baby, that baby will be welcomed in high style. Reportedly, Ciara spent $20,000 on a nursery in advance of her April due date. Your immediate reaction might be disgust. "How could she spend so much money on a nursery? There are so many better things she could have done with it!" But this is really pretty impressive. What you should be saying is, "How could she spend so much money on a nursery? No, for real. How? What items did she have to buy?"

I don't know much about babies, so from my perspective it needs a crib, diapers, some onesies, and bottles. That's what, like, $300 tops? Seriously though, I've seen Teen Mom. I know this stuff adds up, but you have to do a lot of addition to get to $20K before the baby is even born.

According to TMZ, Ciara's nursery will be safari-themed and nearly $2,000 of her grand total came from one stuffed animal. TMZ's "baby spies" (totally creepy, but okay) spotted Ciara purchasing a $1,800 eight-foot tall giraffe at Petit Tresor in Los Angeles. She also purchased "other stuffed animals, lion book ends and art work."

If only one shopping trip is being reported, that means that she could have spent $20,000 in only one trip and spent even more on the rest of the nursery. What else would she need? Well, she's got her lion book ends, so a zebra print rug would be appropriate. Then there's the monkey sconces, the hyena patterned accent pillows, and a safari mural will need to be painted above the baby's crib. That doesn't even include the clothes. Ciara is friends with Kim Kardashian, so if this baby wants to keep up with North West, it will need some designer outfits. If you add all of that up, $20,000 is nothing!

In related news, The Fabulous Life Of... Babies needs to be a show that exists.