Lady Gaga Has A New Song On The Way

When Stefani Germanotta comes home from a long day tailoring pieces of meat into avant-garde garments, rehearsing lines for her latest acting project and enthusiastically assisting Marina Abramovic with breathing exercises, sometimes, like you, she thinks, hey, maybe I should post something on Instagram, keep it fresh. And when she does, you can be sure it'll be fire, as with today, when the Lady Gaga announced her new single "Perfect Illusions" on the channel.

Lady Gaga posted the announcement via twelve eye-catching Instagram posts. Seen one by one, they'd just look like brightly colored nonsense, but when you click onto her channel and see them simultaneously, they make up an announcement "LADY GAGA PERFECT ILLUSION NEW SINGLE SEPTEMBER PERFECT ILLUSION." The bright colors and bold font feels very pop art — and it wouldn't be the first time Gaga has been influenced by Andy Warhol, who was famously known as the Prince of Pop Art.

In 2013 the Guardian quoted Gaga as citing her goal as "to alter the human experience with social media" and to "bring art culture into pop in a reverse Warholian expedition." She certainly seems to have ticked off both items on her to-do list in one fell swoop this time round.

This is a big deal, marking Gaga's first non-soundtrack, solo release since 2013's Artpop. While details have been thin on the ground as to what the track will sound like, fans should take heart: presumably this could mean a new album is in the pipeline. Lady Gaga must be keeping singularly busy at the moment, because she's also recently announced she'll be starring in Bradley Cooper's first outing as a director, A Star Is Born:

Deadline reports that Gaga will be playing a young singer who starts becoming more and more successful as her lover/mentor's career starts waning. On top of that, she's also releasing a cookbook with her father, which is titled Joanne Trattoria Cookbook: Classic Recipes and Scenes from an Italian American Restaurant, and is based on the food served in her father's restaurant, Joanne Trattoria. In short, Lady Gaga is a seriously busy Mama Monster right now: if you've been craving the sounds, sights and food aesthetic of Gaga, this is your time.

Image: Instagram