Luann & Bethenny Have A Tough 'RHONY Ep Ahead

It’s never easy to deliver allegedly bad news, but it’s especially difficult to drop a potential bomb on a friend when it’s about their fiancé and your friend is celebrating her engagement. That’s the situation that has fallen into Bethenny Frankel’s lap on Real Housewives Of New York , and boy, is it about to get ugly — Bethenny is just about to claim to Luann that her fiancé, Tom, was allegedly photographed making out with a Playboy model at a local hotel a mere three days before their engagement party. Bustle reached out to Bravo for comment from Tom about the claims, but has not yet received a response.

At the end of the penultimate episode of the season, the allegations were on the tip of Bethenny’s tongue, and Luann had to storm out of the room because she was so upset. To her credit, Bethenny seemed genuinely distressed on how to deliver the claims to Luann — a friend of hers had allegedly sent her a picture of Tom allegedly kissing another woman, and Tom is supposed to marry Luann in less than a year. Tom has not publicly commented on the situation, but Luann has maintained that she and Tom are still getting married and that their life is no one’s business.

Luann is in love, and it would be very easy for her to be angry with Bethenny for making these claims about her fiancé. I hope she doesn’t get mad, though — Bethenny’s heart is in the right place. But, we’ll have to wait until the season finale to see what happens.

Images: Ivan Apfel/Bravo; Giphy