These Are The Things You Miss About Your College Roommates — VIDEO

Whether she held your hair after a particularly disastrous date with a beer bong, played a killer wing woman, or helped you ace German lit, you'll never forget your your college roommate. A new BuzzFeed video reminds us of all the little things we loved about our college roommates, from having someone restock the toilet paper — stat — to the casual affection you might get when curled up on the couch together, staying in for the night.

My favorite memory of my college roommate is drinking and watching The Golden Girls together instead of studying. It was a weekly affair where we'd overdose on candy and chips as we celebrated Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia. Looking back, it's a little weird that two teenagers were so obsessed with women over 50, but when you think about it, they weren't so different from college girls with the late-night binges, wild parties, and sexual escapades.

No matter how much time passes or who you live with, every now and then something will creep in and remind you just how much you miss having that crew of two — or more — to face all the challenges that life can throw at you. There's nothing quite like it.

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Images: BuzzFeed/YouTube