Carl & Emily's Post-'BIP' Relationship Status

Another week on Bachelor in Paradise, another batch of men... fortunately, rolling in right on time for the ladies who have yet to find a solid connection on the beach yet. So far, Emily and Haley Ferguson definitely fall into that category, but their luck might be changing. Carl King — aka the lamp guy from Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette — entered paradise on Monday night's episode, and immediately hit it off with Emily. So are Carly and Emily still together after Bachelor in Paradise ?

Unfortunately, there's no clear answer to that question... yet. Both Carl and Emily's Instagram accounts make it seem like they're totally single, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. If you're rooting for these two, all hope isn't lost. After all, the general idea is to keep your relationship under wraps until the BIP finale, even if the couples who survived the show don't always follow that rule. So they could be single... or they could be together and trying to hide it.

Either way, who can deny their chemistry? So what if Emily couldn't remember his name during their date? The initial attraction was there. OK, so it won't sustain a real life relationship, but it's definitely a start.

For Emily's (and Haley's) sake, I hope that she and Carl keep this thing going. If she wants to stay on the show much longer, she's going to have to secure some serious roses... and tricking Daniel into giving them to her isn't going to work forever!

Or, you know, it totally will, because it's Daniel. But who knows? Maybe she and Carl are meant to be.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC