Olivia Wilde Cast In Martin Scorcese's Retro, Rock N' Roll Pilot

Looks like Olivia Wilde is going to play a new role soon other than that of new mommy. Olivia Wilde was cast in a new Martin Scorcese HBO pilot. The yet untitled project is to be directed by none other than acclaimed, Academy Award winning director Martin Scorcese. Bobby Cannavale is slated to play opposite Wilde in the show, portraying her husband, Robby Finestra. Cannavale's character is a record executive and Wilde is his wife, as they both try to navigate the intoxicating and bumbling Punk and Disco music scenes.The show takes place in the past, the 1970's to be exact, and centers on the intense and voracious world of Rock N' Roll at that time.

So far, this show sounds like it's going to be well, freaking awesome. Scorcese, Cannavale, and Wilde to boot?! It appears that American Hustle may have influenced Hollywood with it's Disco-era throwback, and we're so glad because we're anxious to see all of the elaborate costumes and hair styles that come with it. We're banking on the fact that the music is going to be an essential part of the show as well, considering it's focusing on a music mogul's family and because that time period pumped out so many beloved classics.

Hurry up, Scorcese we want to witness this!