Tweets Sent From Inside The American University Of Afghanistan During The Attack Are Chilling

The American University of Afghanistan was reportedly under attack on Tuesday, Aug. 24, CBS News reported. These tweets sent from inside the American University of Afghanistan during the attack are chilling.

CBS News’ Ahmad Mukhtar, who was in Kabul, Afghanistan when the attack happened, reported that hundreds of students and several professors were trapped inside the building. Those on the scene reported hearing gunshots and a single blast, which likely came from an explosion from the school's front gate being blown open to allow the attackers inside, CBS News reported.

It is unclear who is responsible for the attack at this time, but police and special forces have reportedly surrounded the university and are responding to the situation, according to Fox News. Those trapped inside are using the university as shelter from the attackers — who, according to witness reports of gunshots and explosions, are likely heavily armed with dangerous weapons. But the most harrowing accounts of what is happening at the American University in Afghanistan come from those who were actually stuck inside the building during these attacks. Massoud Hossaini, a Pulitzer-Prize-winning Associated Press photographer, tweeted that he was one of the hundreds trapped inside the American University in Afghanistan when gunshots and blasts rang out from the exterior of the building.

These tweets from inside the building during the attack are chilling:

There are likely more tweets to come from those trapped inside. Special forces and police are responding to the situation and attempting to contain the attackers in Kabul.