Dave Matthews Hitchhikes to His Own Concert When His Bike Breaks Down

Here's a tip: if you're ever on your way to a concert and see a stranded bicyclist, you might want to pull over. Emily Kraus and her boyfriend did exactly that on Saturday when they were headed to Hersheypark Stadium for a Dave Matthews concert, and boy, did it pay out in dividends. Not only did their good deed earn them some serious karma, but it also got them front row tickets, a backstage tour, and the story of a lifetime. Turns out, that helpless, cellphone-less biker was Dave Matthews, who was, wouldn't you know, also trying to get to the concert.

Kraus told the Harrisburg local news that they packed up his broken bike in her car and gave him a lift to the venue. She admits she wasn't exactly sure how to make small talk with the mega-star, explaining that they chatted about his tour, and talked about how he's taking time off after this show to take his daughters to camp, which, sigh.

She went on to say that he was a really humble guy, which, double sigh. And alls well that ends well -- Dave got to the show on time and Emily made out like a bandit.

If this was 1998, we'd smash our CD towers in a fit of unbridled jealously.