DJ Khaled Has A “Do Your Thing” Remix For The VMAs

The 2016 VMAs are ready to be epic this year with a remixed theme song that you're going to be obsessed with immediately. Unfortunately, as of right now, you can't download the DJ Khaled remix of "Do Your Thing," but that just makes the wait sweeter. The little clips we've heard, as well as the classic that started it all, are definitely jam-worthy.

Khaled is in charge of the pre-show and red carpet this year as a co-host with Charlemagne Tha God and Lizzo from atop Madison Square Garden's skybox, according to MTV, so he's very involved with the festivities. In a promo for the big night, he promises "the greatest show on Earth" that will be "iconic, unapologetic, and historic." I'm psyched already. He's perfect for this job.

As for the new theme song, we're going to have to wait until Sunday to get a better taste — and hopefully the ability to download the remix and enjoy is over and over. The remixed track features in the afore-mentioned DJ Khaled commercial and another promo for the 2016 VMAs, but not in full. You can barely hear the awesomeness in the background; it's only a tease. Take a listen for yourself.

Until then, check out the original version of the song, performed by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, which is available to download on iTunes now. It also, fun fact, appears on the Boogie Nights #2 soundtrack album.

You can also always listen to or download DJ Khaled's latest album Major Key, which was released this summer. With no official host but a lot of tough competitions for the Moonman trophies, this year's Video Music Awards are getting down to business. It's a good thing that they have a reliable theme song remixed by one of the most enthusiastic guys out there. Fingers crossed that we get to experience the whole thing when the VMAs air on Sunday night.