Will The New iPhone Have A Home Button? Rumors Are Swirling

While the humble home button has undergone a couple of design iterations since the iPhone's debut back in 2007, there's always been one at the bottom center of the phone. But according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman and Gareth Allen, it looks like the new iPhone might not have the traditional home button you're used to. They reported that sources within Apple have said that the company is planning to get rid of the home button with their upcoming iPhone models in 2017, replacing it instead with a flat, smooth, single panel of glass that would make use of haptic feedback instead of a physical button.

Bustle has reached out to Apple for comment, but has not yet heard back.

That's not the only change rumored for the upcoming new batch of iPhones, either. There's been a good amount of anticipation about different ways in which future models might be different. For example, it's rumored that 2017 could also see Apple release a curved glass model, of the sort typically seen in Samsung phones.

Some reports suggest that the iPhone 7 will get rid of the headphone jack, leaving only a tiny insert slot for a Lightning charge cable, which would be used both for charging and wired headphones.

As technology marches on, all of us will eventually have to say our goodbyes to some familiar features we've loved, making room for new changes for which to fall head over heels. People getting excited for the iPhone 7 ― slated for release in September ― have a lot to look forward to.