Fujifim's New X-A3 Camera Will Help You Step Up Your Selfie Game

Your selfie game is about to change in a major way, thanks to a new camera on the market. The Fujifilm X-A3 is a lightweight pro cam with a screen that moves 180 degrees around — which means you can angle it just the right way to get the most flattering shot.

Per Wired magazine, Fujifilm designed the compact, easy-to-carry camera with a few cool features that can help you take smarter selfies. Case in point? The cam boasts Eye Detection AF and the new Portrait Enhancer, which helps the screen automatically focus on your eyes and also triggers the shutter when you and your friends smile or gather in front of the camera. That makes it all the more easier to take a fantastic group shot.

While the camera isn't as fancy as some of the higher-end products by the same brand, the X-A3 is pretty much equal in size to most other DSLRs (24 megapixels) and also allows for video recording and remote access to the camera via Wi-Fi.

But while all those extras are nice, it's the selfie-boosting features that really make this particular camera model great for the younger generation. In fact, Fujifilm basically designed with that in mind. Per HelloGiggles, the brand described the camera in a public statement, saying, “The X-A3 adopts a retro design with compact and lightweight body that is appealing to the younger female generation."

Fair warning: a cool camera like this one doesn't come cheap. Fuji's X-A3 currently runs for $600. But considering its capabilities, it might be worth the price if you're a selfie-lovin' shutterbug.

Image: Stokpic.com/Pexels