Beyoncé Ends VMAs Performance With Strong Symbol

Beyoncé just took the 2016 VMAs stage for not 10, not 15, but 16 minutes of slay personified. The goddess walking among us mesmerized us all and served the show of a lifetime by performing songs from her second surprise album, Lemonade. During the performance, she smashed a camera, proudly flaunted her strong troop of women (in formation, obviously), and actually made the world stop. Again. And to top off the unbelievable performance, Beyoncé and her dancers formed a powerful symbol that perhaps we don't see enough: the symbol for the female gender.

Her intense take on songs including "Hold Up," "Sorry," and "Don't Hurt Yourself" was particularly show-stopping. In case you had to blink, she had the words, "God is god I am not" on the screen at one point, perhaps telling the audience that she is a human being not to be worshipped. Really, Bey set the tone of her ridiculously strong girl-power night the moment she stepped on the carpet, before the VMAs even started. Rather than walking with her hubby, Jay Z, she had her pint-sized princess Blue Ivy by her side, along with stars of Lemonade and mothers of Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and Mike Brown. Then, came the performance that will be talked about for months, weeks, years.

And the symbol at the end solidified Beyoncé theme of making it an empowering night for women. Here it is from one view:

And another, because one isn't enough:

There are no words, except thank you, Bey. Thanks for showing how powerful, fierce, and flawless women can be.

Images: MTV