MTV Bans Lily Allen's 'Our Time' Video Because Of A Hot Dog Fight

If you fight with yourself in a hot dog costume, you might get pulled from MTV in the daytime. That's what happened here — MTV banned Lilly Allen's new video during daytime hours. Apparently, some things are just too controversial for daytime music video watching audiences.

First of all, folks can watch it on the Internet, anyway (like below at the end of this post!), secondly, what exactly is MTV shaming? Is it drunk shaming? Allen appears in the video as a plethora of characters, some drinking from flasks, some puking, some smoking, but what really sent them over the edge was a drunken hot dog fight. Well then.

Allen, not one to shy away from this sort of thing, took to Twitter with a screen shot of what went down. The email she received says, "MTV want to ban the 'Our Time' video during the daytime, unless they get a clear edit that show you a) NOT DRINKING FROM A FLASK and b) NOT DISPLAYING ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR FROM DRINKING BY FIGHTING WITH THE HOT DOG."

It always comes down to the hot dog, really, doesn't it?

Allen was adamant that she wasn't making a clean version of the video, that this was it. So you can see for yourself. What do you think? Is this worth banning for daytime music video-viewing audiences?

Lily Allen on YouTube