Nick Viall Was The Bachelor For 2 Seconds In 2015

As much as I hoped for it, I definitely did not expect Nick Viall to be named the next Bachelor. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic, but I can't help thinking, "It's about time. This should have been done already." Well, actually it almost did happen. I have no idea how close Viall really was to staring in The Bachelor, but I do remember when Viall faked us all out before Ben Higgins was announced as the star of The Bachelor's 20 season.

That seems like such a long time ago, especially since we have had new seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise since then, but it really was just a year ago. But then again, we all know that a fast pace is pretty standard for any and all things Bachelor-related.

On an episode of Bachelor in Paradise's post-show, After Paradise, last year, Chris Harrison pulled on my heart strings yet again when he announced that the newest Bachelor star would appear on After Paradise after the commercial break and my boy Viall appeared.... and then so did Higgins (obviously). That's a cruel joke, but I have to admit that it actually was hilarious.

You might be scratching your head because you can't remember what I'm talking about. Or maybe you just can't possibly think of a time when Higgins might not have been the star of The Bachelor, so to refresh your memory, just check out this link and fast forward to the 35:48 mark to get a good laugh and see what could have been.

Harrison really had me going when he was asking Viall if he was ready to find love and strongly implying that he was the next lead on The Bachelor.

On the bright side, Bachelor Nation gets to experience a Higgins season of The Bachelor and a Nick season, so we all end up winning, right? As long there isn't some twisted way for Viall to end up as the runner-up on his own season...