Overheating At Night? 9 Things For People Who Sweat In Their Sleep

I’m the type of person who usually passes out the second my head hits the pillow — unless said pillow feels like someone took a blowtorch to it a few minutes prior, and my bed is more of the same. Fortunately, the internet has tons of things for people who sweat at night, because it’s apparently a pretty common problem. While nighttime sweating can be a sign of a larger health issue (like neurologic conditions, hormone imbalances, and menopause) some people just run hot instead of cooling off, like you’re supposed to while your body prepares for sleep.

Of course, there are obvious solutions to feeling overly hot while you sleep, or while you’re trying to pass out in the first place. You could get a fan. You could turn the air conditioning down, or you could ask your significant other/pets /both to sleep on the couch, because they’re like little mini radiators in your bed. For some people, however, these options just aren’t plausible — AC makes me sneeze, and I’ve waited way too long for a puppy to send it out of the room at night. If you can’t cool down before bed, and you find yourself sweating all night long, check out these innovative products to keep you cool during the night.

1. Dry Air Helps Sweat To Evaporate More Quickly

Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier, $16, Amazon

Ever notice how it can be a hundred degrees in states like Nevada and Arizona, but as long as it’s dry, it really doesn’t feel that hot? If the air in your room is particularly humid, your sweat won’t evaporate, leaving you feeling hot and clammy all night long. A small, portable dehumidifier like this Pro Breeze mini dehumidifier is an awesome option for a tiny space. It’s rechargeable, wireless, and highly efficient, and reviewers love it because there’s a no-fuss cleanup once the water has been pulled from the air.

2. Don’t Choose Between Comfort And Cooling

Equinox Memory Foam Cooling Pillow, $40, Amazon

Cooling mats are effective, but they can be really uncomfortable for some people. This Equinox memory foam cooling pillow contours to your head and neck using molded memory foam, but it’s also got honeycomb cooling gel technology that extracts body heat and promotes air flow. It’s really supportive, as well as refreshing, which is why it’s got such rave reviews.

3. Get A Bamboo Blanket To Help Sweat Evaporate

Colourful Snail Bamboo Fiber Bed Blanket, $40, Amazon

Bamboo blankets are pretty darn cool, and here’s why: they’re soft and comfortable, but they’re also really good at wicking moisture, meaning that your sweat evaporates almost instantly, helping you to feel cool and fresh. This bamboo fiber bed blanket is a great option for people like me, who get really hot at night but still feel naked if they’re not covered with something. It’s made from 100 percent high-quality bamboo fiber, and some reviewers say they love it so much, they bought one in every color.

4. Chill Out With A Cooling Mint Lotion

Andalou Naturals Body Lotion, $10, Amazon

Applying a cooling lotion right before bed can work wonders. This Andalou Naturals body lotion contains totally natural ingredients like aloe and mint, which help to cool, soothe, and relax your skin. It sinks right in without leaving a residue, and leaves your body feeling tingly without all the chemicals that are usually in cooling salves.

5. Wear Bamboo Pajamas For Tons Of Ventilation

Latuza Women's Bamboo V-neck Sleepwear (XS-XXL), $20, Amazon

Bamboo is one of the lightest, most well-ventilated fabrics you can find — the fact that it’s ridiculously soft is just a plus. This Latuza bamboo V-neck sleepwear is a great summer set (or winter, if you overheat year round) because it’s made from 95 percent bamboo viscose. It’s also chic, environmentally-friendly, and beyond comfortable, so women cannot get enough of these.

6. Cool Down With A Workout Towel

Alfamo Cooling Towel, $8, Amazon

This Alfamo cooling towel was originally made for workouts, but it works just as well for hot-flashes and cooling down before bed. The chemical-free woven fiber works to absorb moisture and regulate the rate of evaporation, so you stay cooler longer — even up to several hours. All you need to do to activate its cooling properties is wet it, ring it out, snap it and put it against your skin, and it’s machine washable, too.

7. Give Yourself A Coconut Oil Massage Before Bed

Organic Fiji Raw Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, $13, Amazon

Coconut oil is known as a “cooling oil,” meaning that it helps to regulate body temperature during the hot summer months. If you shower before bed, rub this Organic Fiji raw cold pressed coconut oil into your skin before you dry off. It’s fair trade and organic, so it’s unbelievable quality, and it comes in an easy squeeze bottle for self-massages that leave you feeling cool and fresh before you climb into bed.

8. Target Your Quick-Cooling Points

Migraine Relief Eye Pillow Masks, $30, Amazon

These adorable migraine relief eye pillow masks are filled with flaxseeds, so they can be heated up or cooled down to help with migraines, cramps, muscle aches, and – you guessed it – chilling out before bed. It targets quick-cooling points on your face to help keep you relaxed and comfortable, and people love that it blocks out the light, too.

9. Hot-Weather-Proof Your Bed

Qbedding Rattan Cooling Summer Set, $70, Amazon

The same bed set you use for the winter isn’t going to cut it, if you want to stay cool in the warmer months. This Qbedding Rattan cooling summer set uses an ancient Chinese blend of Rattan stands and polyester fiber to create a material that’s extra breathable and lightweight. It comes with two pillow shams and a bed topper, and reviewers say it’s cool and comfortable because “it wicks the heat away from your body and dissipates it out of the pad at the edges so that it can continue to wick heat away from you.”

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